Hey, thanks for stopping by! Come in, take off your shoes. Would you like a tour of my life?
I know that at first glance, it looks like I’ve got it all together. I’m married, we have two beautiful boys, we own a nice home, I was granted a full scholarship to university and now I am self-employed and work from home!
But if you really look closely, you’ll see all of the imperfections, the scratches, dents, and holes.
After cruising through high school, I was given a full scholarship to university. I went from Advanced Placement to Academic Probation in one year. As a result, I lost my full scholarship; $20 000 vanished in front of my eyes. See, that’s where the debt began. I’ve lived on my own since the age of 20. I had no concept of money management. I actually remember saying to myself “I’m just going to live on credit cards for a whole month, live like a queen!” When I pulled my crown out of my ass,  I realized I messed up and it was time to fess up.
Would you like a drink? I sure would. Don’t mind if I pour myself a glass of wine…
Since I knew spending for the sake of spending wasn’t the best idea, I found a way to justify it; I had low-interest staff rates on loans and credit cards. That’s right, I had staff rates. You know why? During university I worked for financial institutions and credit card companies. AND I STILL MANAGED TO RACK UP OVER $50 000 OF CONSUMER DEBT. My now-husband and I bought our first condo with no down payment, a 40 year amortization and a 1% interest rate. At the maximum amount we could be approved for. It was our dirty little secret…
Is it getting too hot in here? Let me turn down the heat a little…  
It all changed the night I had to tell him we were totally maxed out and couldn’t pay the bills. We yelled, we cried, we panicked, and we made a plan pay our debt down. He had just began his career and I, in my final year of university, worked 3 part-time jobs. We worked our asses off and paid 25% of our take-home income towards our debt. We paid off $50 000 of consumer debt in 2 years.  We were lucky that the market improved enough to sell our condo for a profit, which provided us the down payment for a new home, which we sold for a profit a few years later, which provided us the down payment for the home we are in now.
Now that the renovations are done, I love the new look and feel!
Today, I look around and realize how drastically my life has changed. I graduated university with my B HEc and became a not-for-profit Financial Educator and Credit Counsellor, helping people manage their money and debt better. We have emergency savings, retirement savings, and a budget that works. Our family is in our forever home, and I am able to stay home with our children while still earning an income. But I’m not perfect, nor do I strive to be. I still have money struggles, temptations, and urges. I close our bedroom door when people come over and get embarrassed when our garage door opens. I get my priorities all wrong and spend my time doing the things I want to do instead of the things I need to do. And despite our best efforts to parent peacefully, my husband and I still find ourselves yelling at each other and the kids when we’ve reached our personal limits.
How is that wine bottle empty already?!
Through these conversations I hope to offer you a unique perspective. I’m a mom facing the same daily struggles as the next parent, but with education and experience in creating healthy household habits. I am passionate about helping families manage their time, their money, their stress, their homes, and their relationships better. And I practice what I preach. What you can look forward to in my blogs are real stories about living on a budget, and how I get myself back on track financially. I share my journey to a decluttered, clean, and organized home, even with a home daycare! And I explain where the hell I find the time for all of this stuff with real time management and productivity tips. So I hope you’ll stay awhile. It would be nice to get to know you too!


  1. Sooo great!!! I love how honest you are and I really think people need that in this time of highlight reels and social media images ! Great job I’m looking forward to reading more !!!

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