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The Power of Self Discipline

Self-discipline is something I lack. And something I’ve lacked for the majority of my life. I am the person that eats my dessert before my dinner in most aspects of my life. I take the path of least resistance.

Okay, I don’t always take the path of least resistance. A full scholarship to university, career success, and hell… BEING A MOM would indicate that I work my ass off. But the mess in my house, my health, and my marriage would contradict that.

“Because I Don’t Want To”

Case in point – my therapist has asked me to do the simple task of documenting what I eat so she can get an idea of what that piece of my life looks like. And I don’t do it. Because I don’t want to. And I’m paying her!

“Because I don’t want to,” seems to be a common theme inside of my head. “I know I should, but I don’t want to.”

My therapist recently revealed to me that these daily tasks like unloading the dishwasher or putting your phone away are just as mentally hard for everyone else as they are to me. I am not special. 


But yet I still believed that somehow, others who “have their life together” have something special inside of them that I don’t have. Call it motivation, energy, drive, goals, whatever.

The Power of Self Discipline by Brian Tracy

I am currently reading this book and guess what – Brian Tracy says the same thing as my therapist. Apparently most people don’t want to do the things they don’t like doing either. Huh!

But the difference between successful people and … me … are that they achieve their goals because they do these tasks over and over until they have the self-discipline to continue. And it becomes a bit easier over time once they put in the work. They’ve been willing to pay the price to get to where they are.

Why Take the Stairs When There’s an Elevator?

That’s the way I think. If there’s an easier way, let’s do it. Efficiency makes me smile.

But Brian Tracy teaches me that there’s no elevator to success. But, the stairs are always open!

Do I want to have success or not? If I do, I’ll have to take the stairs. There’s no other option. The elevator literally doesn’t exist.

I have to take the first step, and then the next, and then the next until I get there.

I’ll get there.

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