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On Boxing Day, while the rest of the world wakes up at 3 a.m. to wait in freezing cold lines I am going to be sleeping all warm and cozy in my bed. While the rest of the world tramples over each other to get door-crasher sales, I’m going to calmly browse through flyers to find free money. Oh, you didn’t know there was free money hidden in flyers? I’ll explain.

It all started when we made the last of our major purchases for our re-decorated living room. We bought a home theatre system at Best Buy. Two weeks later on Black Friday, we noticed the exact same home theatre system had gone on sale since we purchased it. My husband still had the receipt in his wallet, so he took it up to the customer service desk and asked them to match the sale price. Without hesitation, Best Buy credited $125 back into our home renovation savings account.

When my husband came home to tell me the good news, I was so confused. “You didn’t have to bring the home theatre system back? Not even the box?” I don’t know why I thought it would be so much more complicated than it was. He said all he needed was the receipt, and to find the item on sale within 30 days. “It’s that easy?” I said, shocked.

This got me thinking.  If Best Buy was going to match their sale price within 30 days of our purchase, would they match the sale price of their competitors? With a quick google search I learned that yes, they would match the price of their competitors within 30 days of purchase. Now the next time we buy an item from Best Buy, we’re going to keep the receipt in our wallet and keep an eye on flyers for the next few weeks. If we find a sale, we’ll just drop in, present our receipt and the advertisement, and get the sale price!

That’s when I realized that I was going to be buying a lot of Christmas gifts over the next few weeks. This prompted me to call Best Buy and ask, “If I buy a Christmas gift, and then on Boxing Day it goes on sale (either at your store or at a competitor’s), will you still match the price?” They said yes!

As excited as a kid on Christmas, I called a few other stores to understand their price match policies. For example, I learned that if you buy furniture from The Brick and find a lower price within 30 days of delivery, they will refund you the price difference. Are you kidding? I wish I knew that years ago! Five minutes per week of checking competitors prices online could have been worth hundreds of dollars in my pocket. I also called up Home Depot to understand their price match policies since we’re renovating. If you purchase an item from Home Depot and that same item goes on sale at Home Depot within 30 days, again you can just stop by with the receipt to get the price difference refunded to you. However, they will only match (and beat) competitor’s pricing at the time of purchase, not after the purchase has already been made.

Each store will of course have their own policies. By googling “(store name) Canada price match” you can often find their policies online. I have found that many of the policies don’t include items on sale that are damaged, used, clearance, floor models, or door-crasher sales.

Going forward, I am going to keep all receipts in my wallet and if I find an item that I bought on sale, I am simply going to ask them to match the price (whether I know the store policy or not). What’s the worst that can happen? They say no? I certainly know the best that can happen! More money in my pocket!

Just like Honey Boo-Boo, “A dolla make me holla!” so I’ve been doing a little happy dance all week. This Boxing Day, instead of blowing money I wasn’t planning on spending, I am going to read through flyers to search for items I bought as Christmas gifts. If I find an item on sale, I am going to check how long the flyer is valid for, and then stop by the store that I bought the gift from and ask for a refund. Now THAT’S how you truly save on Boxing Day!

Have you ever saved big bucks with a price match guarantee?


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