Becoming my True Self

Following the Urge to Blog

Following the Urge to Blog

I’m finally following the urge to blog – it’s been with me for 15 years. I’ve done it professionally for the majority of those years, and I’ve dabbled in it personally, but this is where I begin writing for me in hopes of helping others on the side, but only by total fluke.

I intend to write for the sake of creativity, solidifying my thoughts, and allowing those who are interested to find insight through reading about another woman / mom / wife / home economist / daycare provider / freelancer’s real life experiences.

While it will be painful to forego proper SEO blogging protocols and organization for readability, I am consciously pushing away from perfectionism. I am not writing THIS blog for the intention of discovery, building a business, or frankly – for YOU.

If I write for you, my voice changes. My mindset changes. I move from helping myself to trying to help others.

Now if that happens by proxy, fantastic. That’s ideal.

But I write to me. For me. And you’re welcome to follow along for whatever your reason you choose. 😊




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