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A Holiday Gift Guide Like You’ve NEVER Seen | Christmas Gift Ideas to Save Hundreds of Dollars!

Holiday gift guides offer great Christmas gift ideas for the never-ending list of people you have to buy for, but don’t you wish you didn’t have to buy half of those presents? There are so many people who give presents to you and your children, so you have to buy one for them too, right?! You can’t NOT give them a gift back!
There is such a social pressure around the holidays that corner us into spending too much money on too many gifts for too many people. We feel forced into buying more than we can afford to, and rack up our credit card bills as a result.
It’s interesting that the month of December is usually filled with feelings of chaos, overwhelm, panic, and stress, all to create a blissful couple of days of joy and relaxation. We search, we shop, we drive, we park, we buy, we wrap, we clean, we bake… we pile so much onto our already busy schedule and already struggling bank account.
I understand that the worst feeling is receiving a gift from someone, and not having one to give back to them. You feel like a selfish, thoughtless jerk. So I guess you just have to keep buying those obligatory gifts to give back, right?
I have spoken to thousands of people about buying Christmas gifts, and let me tell you a little secret. EVERYONE WANTS TO SPEND LESS, but no one says anything!

Here is a 3 step, super simple path to cut your Christmas spending by up to 75%, and become everyone’s hero this holiday season.

Holiday Gift Guide to Save Money

This is the best holiday gift guide you didn’t know you needed.


Here’s the straight truth. You only have so much money. You can use that money to buy little gifts for a lot of people, or you could buy bigger, better quality gifts for fewer people.
Here is how to save hundreds, or even thousands of dollars this holiday season!
By saying just one of these sentences to someone you typically exchange obligatory gifts with, you can become a holiday hero! I promise you that 99% of people will feel thankful and relieved!
And if they happen to be in the unaware, can’t-read-between-the-lines 1%, and say they still want to exchange gifts, here is your follow up:
“Oh, I just read an article that said that over 80% of people live paycheck to paycheck, and wish they didn’t have to spend so much at Christmas time, so I thought I’d offer!”
Which is true, because you just read it right here.


If you really like the Christmas rush of buying gifts, even though you aren’t paying for these gifts in cash, ask yourself these questions:
  • “What’s in it for me?” – Why do I want to buy all of these gifts, even if it means I’m going into more debt?
  • “What am I worried about?” – What’s stopping me from buying less gifts, spending smaller amounts, or talking about not exchanging gifts this year?
Most people love to give gifts, but at what expense?


Now that you’ve trimmed down your shopping list, use these resources to save you even more money!
  • Ebates – Get money back for doing literally nothing. When online shopping at various stores, add your items to your cart, and just before you checkout, open your Ebates app, select the store you were just shopping on, and check out. Just by checking out through Ebates, you can earn back hundreds of dollars. It’s free and secure, and I use it all the time. My last cheque was $88! You can sign up for Ebates here.
  • Coupon codes – Always google the store name and “promo code,” “coupon,” or “discount” before checking out. You can usually find a code to save you 10% or $10 off, which is free money in your pocket!
  • Plan to do your holiday shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday to take advantage of discounts and deals you know are going to happen.
  • Flyers – Flipp is a great way to look through ads and flyers on your phone or desktop. Search for deals to build your shopping list instead of wandering the aisles and falling in love with an item that isn’t on sale.
  • Stick to your budget – Setting a budget for $20 means $20. Not $25, not $29. The little dollars add up.

Hear this Plan in Action

Please watch this YouTube video to hear and see this plan in action! Remember to hit the red subscribe button so you can be notified when I post more money saving videos.

A Holiday Gift Guide with Christmas Gift Ideas to Save Hundreds of Dollars

This holiday gift guide is the best tip I can give you when it comes to Christmas gift ideas. When the holidays are over, you will have saved hundreds of dollars that you would have spent on obligatory gifts, your home will not be overrun by more clutter and chaos, and you will avoid all of the credit card debt that Christmas usually brings. Give yourself the gift of transformation this year; go from feeling pressured to buy the perfect gift for so many people, to the hero who has more money in their pocket, and more time to sit back and enjoy the holiday season.
Do you have any Christmas gift ideas that can be added to this holiday gift guide? Leave a comment below!

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